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Delicious brunch at a great location
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Everything was great!

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This is probably the most affordable sit-down restaurant in Westwood, and you can tell it's popular because it is always crowded! Still, the longest I've ever waited for a table is 15 minutes.

Stegosaurus R., Los Angeles, CA

Delicious brunch at a great location and good price! I got the eggs and pancakes and my wife got the eggs benedict. Everything was great!

Henry C., Los Angeles, CA

If you want a delicious menu with an easy going attitude, this is the place for you! Almost everything on the menu is worth ordering and all with large portions!! From the breakfast options, to the pastas, salads, and sandwiches you can honestly never go wrong.

Nancy S., Canoga Park, CA


Novel Cafe offers a laid back, cozy ambience where you can spend some time reading one of the books we have on shelf or simply BYOB (bring your own book)!